The Academy’s mission is to create, provide and expand         positively life-changing experiences through music for all         students. 

       We believe that music is a core in students’             

       development, especially in children and youth, and must         be available to all of them. 


... and Goals

       To offer the highest quality music instruction and 
       performance opportunities for students of all ages.

       To help young people achieve their full musical potential.

       To remove social and economic barriers to participation,           and to inspire personal and educational growth through           music.

       To create a musical community that is rich in cultural,  
       social, and intellectual diversity. An important enrichment         to individualized education is the work students do in               different ensembles: choir, chamber ensemble, piano               ensembles and chamber orchestra. 


Thanks to their hard, dedicated work, their skills and knowledge, students of PaSO Academy are admitted to the best Chicago high schools - often outside the administrative boundaries, where they are awarded scholarships and numerous awards. For those from poor city neighborhoods this is a truly life-changing opportunity. 

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Violin instruction is offered as a weekly 30 minute private lesson for beginners, 45 minute for intermediate or 60 minute private lesson for advanced students. Our program is based on
Our piano teachers will customize a personalized program based on every student's developmental stage, personal characteristics, and personal goals.  The program will cover elements of proper piano technique, music notation
Benefits of Violin Group Class and Orchestra Private violin lessons are crucial for young violinists to succeed. Learning to hold the bow, and the instrument correctly takes years of focused
Unlike playing a piano, where one may read notes on the page and play the corresponding keys, sight-singing demands that a person find the pitches as a result of knowing